Tuesday, September 29, 2009

C-motech to make Snap Dragon tablet, Mangrove

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Yep, more and more tablets coming..

Known specs on C-motech's tablet :

7 inch touchscreen
Qualcomm Snap Dragon
Wireles options ( wifi, 3G, wimax )
2 * USB
Micro SD
Headset port
Windows Mobile 6.5

Via Aving.net [ translated ]


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turn.self.off said...

you had me interested all the way to "windows mobile"...

JKK said...

heh.. well they talk about possible Android and other flavors of linux too...

turn.self.off said...

well that and bluetooth may well save it :)

Unknown said...

The more and more tablets the better it is. Btw. nice Device, but a 9inch will be mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. WinMob is a deal -- and heart -- breaker.

Anonymous said...

Nice device, Windows Mobile - love it! Needs GPS to be "all it can be"

Anonymous said...

If only it had an Atom proc., Windows 7 and a heptic keyboard that would be perfect. The design is spot on and this could be good answer to the "Viliv X70".

Anonymous said...

C-motech has 450Mhz EVDO dongles (for Russian mobile operator Skylink)
it will be great for this tablet to have such option)))

Anonymous said...

HDMI port
minimum 1024x768
minimum 5Mp Camera
Run Win7


tigrrr said...

Want! I'll take one in Android, please.

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