Thursday, September 17, 2009

xpPhone getting ready, taking pre-orders and soon at jkkmobile

Click to see the video and info

Hands-on at Computex

Yep, sliding qwerty MID / UMPC with phone capability getting ready and to jkkmobile. Will be fun to test x86 Windows XP UMPC as a phone...

As Jenn points out on her news, they are making it a bit "more thin and sharp" compared to the early prototype I tested.

If you want to make sure you get it among the first, just jump to their site and fill the Online Pre-order form.

As a reminder what we will be getting, here are the full specs:

*CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU
* Memory:512M/1G
* SSD: 8G/16G/32G/64G
* HDD:30G/60G/80G/120G
* LCD: 4.8' TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
* Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
* Wireless:WiFi 802.11b/g,WiMax(optional),Buletooth,Stand-alone GPS
* Camera Specifications:CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million
* Ports:1 x earphone jack,1 x microphone jack,Docking Connector
(include VGA output signal ),1 x USB 2.0, SIM Slot
* Power Management:
Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
Talk time: about 5 hours,Stand by time: about 5 days
Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
Talk time,Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage.
* Weight: 400g (include battery)

No pricing details yet, shipping in next month or 2.

xpPhone official site

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Anonymous said...

so what exactly is the speed of the processor

van said...

it's kind of thick, i'm afraid that i can't put it in my pocket

icurafu said...

I would guess it is a AMD Geode. There is no plans for Bulldozer so soon. So expect Everun type speeds.

Anonymous said...

wht will be the price? and the screen display colours ? 16M? 65K?

Ali said...

This is most definately the best thing to my dream machine that's out there.
All the features I was hoping for are there.

Only worries is about the processor, and it's ability to play 720p/1080p vids, and the battery life for that.

I wish they went with an atom Z530 or up.
and I hope the price is not too high as well.

Ali said...

One important question though .. what's the SAR rating for this device?

Anonymous said...

That would make the perfect pocketable hackintosh. Anyone has tried? Thanks.

tmarks11 said...

size, shape, and speed of the Everun.

Except with a bigger keyboard, and you can make phone calls with it. Of course, with the right HSPDA card, you could do that with the Everun as well.

Back in 2007.

Hmm, I would have hoped for some advances in technology.

Anonymous said...

That`s something for me :)

Anonymous said...

How do you pre-order a device without a price?

Anonymous said...

That seems ridiculously pointless and outdated. Put Linux or Android on it and then it would be relevant. But I fail to see how putting XP on it is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

so how does the voice call function work, why not reviewed? guess its like flybook, just abit smaller

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