Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Palm Foleo Video. Nice, but not UMPC.

Click to see the video

Steve's thoughts about it at UMPCPortal

Official site

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niko said...

Yup... I still don't like the concept. No processing power, limitation due to proprietary system (although based on Linux) and everything is on the phone... And what if I don;t have a phone?
Future is mobile, yes, but also electronic freedom!

Anonymous said...

There is actually a big innovation, but it's just not for us!

We wan't to be able to do all computing on our umpcs, install sw, watch videos etc,

but there is a lot of people who needs computers just for email and banking.

Having this device without the hasle of full os, viruses, settings etc. they can just access their emails...

... it's good for those... not for me.

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