Thursday, September 02, 2010

That was fast! Samsung Galaxy Tab rooted!

Heh.. not even close to been shipped and it's all ready open for all Android goodies :)

Great job Sera-Apps!

Remember to check all videos and specs of Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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JKK said...

.. now someone needs to root the price too!

Anonymous said...

But you're still stuck with Android, right?

Amateur said...

Wow, it's very fast

Anonymous said...

can it be full unlocked to work t-mobile U.S.A

Cammie Novara said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi,JKK!I have a question for you:do you know if the navigaton program iGo,or iGoNavimate can run on full screen,on Samsung GalaxyTab?Can you try that for me,please?Thank you in advance!Best regards,Cristi Grigoriu.

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