Sunday, December 19, 2010

Notion Ink shows Adam tablet UI on video

Running apps on panels... Not vanilla Android by any means but could it be better this way on tablet? What do you think?

I'm a bit on the fens here as I enjoy stock Android on tablets too.. their UI might have bad effect on custom stuff.. and what about widgets? And desktop?

One really bad news outside the video: No Android Market.

I should be able to test it at CES to see how it works and feels... more then.

Via Notion Ink

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Unknown said...

I like the UI, but strait android would be fine with these specs. If the UI ever seems slow I gonna try and scrap it and just go with stock.

I'm sure market can be sideloaded, shouldn't take developers too long.

JKK said...

Yep. And lets hope they support hacking too

Josef_T said...

Dont like it, long ways to go to target apps. Not the best response as you can see in the video. There are better ones on the market. But.... Pixel Qi...

Looking forward to CES

ikkefc3 said...

Why do you complain so much about no market? Usually, somebody will come up with a hack.

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