Friday, March 11, 2011

MeetMobility Podcast 66 – Post-PC Fusion

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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On this podcast:

JKK from JKKmobile@jkkmobile on Twitter

Chippy from Carrypad- @Chippy on Twitter

Al Sutton from Funky Android@alsutton on twitter

Show notes used in the podcast:

CeBIT Highlights

Eee Pad Memo
HTC Flyer hands-on with Vodafone. Design changes, s/w changes. Price could change
1015b 1215b and AMD Fusion Talk
Oaktrail platforms. ECS Week 14 delivery to customers (10″ tablet)


Intel Atom N Prices for550 netbooks are dropping to 299 Euros
C-50 netbooks too. 522 hands-on from Chippy.
Inspiron Duo feedback from Al


iPad 2 today. Reviews out Gottabemobile review roundup.
Update on Honeycomb.
Xoom taking a bashing


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I am late i know, but it is always nice to listen to your podcasts.
Regards Josef

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