Sunday, May 29, 2011

Punk This module from CUPP Computing: ARM + Android mobility inside your PC

Yep, throw away your HDD and replace it with Punk This module.. or get the module, connect it to a LCD screen with touch panel and make your own Android tablet.. or hook it up with with Pixel Qi screen!

For me it is all about more mobility. 5 x battery life is not a little improvement specially as you still have Windows and X86 power when you need it..

CUPP PunkThis Techinical Specifications:

* TI DM3730 1.0Ghz A8 processor
* 512 MB RAM
* Micro SD System Memory
* Mini PCIe SSD for PC C: Drive
* Micro SD for Shared Drive
* Wifi
* USB ToGo
* USB Host
* Keyboard Controller (User Reprogrammable Keyboard Controller)
* Audio I/O

OS Development

* Ubuntu
* Android 2.3 (to be updated as new releases become available)
* Open Platform


* 20 hour battery life in 10” Netbook
* 40 hour battery life with low power screen (PixelQi)
* Sub $200 USD Price

PunkThis Enclosure: (Price undetermined)

* 5 USB Ports
* Audio I/O
* Power
* SD Card
* Head Phone Jack

PunkThis presently implemented in Asus 1015PN – Solderless Wiring Kit Target - Mid July - More adoption kits to come.

Module Production - Mid July

PunkThis external Enclosure - Start September

Send preorder to sales@cuppcomputing - “Pre-Order” in heading

More info at

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