Friday, April 30, 2010

HP Slate terminated



From TechCrunch:

"source tells us that HP is not satisfied with Windows 7 as a tablet operating system and has terminated the project"

"HP may also be abandoning Intel-based hardware for its slate lineup simply because it’s too power hungry."

In many ways I understand this. Windows 7 with extra UI on top on 1.6Ghz Atom with GM500 isn't the best way to do a tablet..

As they bought Palm, they could now make pretty cool tablet with WebOS..

I think there is still change for Windows 7 tablets too. There are many things really nice on W7 but these tablets needs to be bit more powerfull.

On my Hanvon Touchpad video I demonstrated how nice W7 can be when you have enough power.. same with Viliv S10 with 2.0Ghz Atom.. ( I have a video coming demonstrating a bit more W7 tablets stuff soon )

How about you? Wanna only see Android/vegeOS/WebOS etc ARM tablets or would you rather get Windows 7?

For me, if tablet is small I would go with ARM/mobile OS but on 10 inches and up I'd rather use full desktop OS..

UPDATE: Or maybe it's not terminated.. While Liliputing got "no comments" from HP, Netbooknews got: "very, very improbable if not even an impossible piece of news!"

Let's wait and see..

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fastf said...

Oh no, first Microsoft Curier then HP Slate.

Josef said...

I would prefer as you say: "For me, if tablet is small I would go with ARM/mobile OS but on 10 inches and up I'd rather use full desktop OS.."

Alex said...

I fully agree with that. We can only hope that Hanvon BC10C doesn't end like Slate or Curier

NotLofty said...

Eh, I agree with you JKK, I think HP is going to try to do something really great with Palm on a tablet not just average like the Slate. I think they want to do something that blows the public away like the vegetable tablet did, the Slate as it was wouldn't do that.
I know on the last meetmobility you said Android on a Smartbook still sucks but I think the next generation will be better. Maybe someone can do a Sense equivalent for smartbooks and get a proper browser for the bigger screen.

Totor said...

On little tablet an android/webos is good, on big tablet linux (Android, more classical ubuntu or other) are good and should work fine on ARM too.

If microsoft don't want to adapt windows 7 on the arm, they will loose market share, as winmo is far behind other arm available OS.

New ubuntu lucid really gain performance in all domain, disk perfs, memory footprint, 3d perfs, interface, internationalization and application. This fullfill 99% of computer user everyday usages now. Some niches still need improvement (verry high end photography management for example).

Anonymous said...

Windows 7 anytime, anywhere. For me, it's not about the screen size, it's about CPU and RAM. A 1.6GHz Atom with 2GB would work quite nicely. Argh.

Anonymous said...

Ok... Yesterday iv'e got my ipad...the performance....the interface...the quality. I have one word...amazing. No other device can match an ipad. I have also a asus t91. It has flash but the performance is sucks i think windows 7 is really nice for a desktop pc or normal laptop but it's nothing for a tabletpc with cheap hardware. Maybe an android tablet will be better than a windows tablet but believe me..... Once you touched an ipad you never want to touch another device again...Steve Jobs Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

jeje apple is a winner !!

Anonymous said...

I think WebOS on a x86 platform is quite possible (besides it needs adaptation for a such a big screen anyway), and it would be a good compromise.

Anonymous said...
That's all I have to say.

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