Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Asus Eee Tablet and Eee Pads

Yep, 3 different tablets:

Eee Tablet

- digital note taking device
- for students and mobile professionals
- 2450 dpi touch screen
- 2 Mpix camera
- USB and micro SD card slot
- 10 houyr battery life

Electronic notepad, media player and ereader

Eee Pad EP101TC

- 10 inch screen
- 672g 12.2 mm thin
- Windows Embedded Campact 7

Eee Pad EP121

- 12 inch screen
- Core 2 Duo CULV
- Windows 7
- 10 hour battery life
- "docking station-cum-keyboard"

Developing... more info as it comes

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Anonymous said...

"2450 dpi"?

Gadget Monger said...

Eee Pad EP121 looks NICE :)

arshad said...

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Anonymous said...

when ASUS says "a 2450 dpi touch resolution screen" they actually mean a 2,450 dpi input sensitivity. In other words, annotations probably will feel like writing on paper, or an 8-inch 1024 x 768 pixel panel, anyway.

Tablet said...

They look good. Hopefully they will be competition for the ipad.

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