Monday, July 19, 2010

How-to: Pixel Qi screen to netbook

Yep, Joanna modded her Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 netbook with Pixel Qi screen and made a good how-to for it.. .. and reviewed it too of course.

As I have said on my videos of it, you can get 2 more hours from 10 hour netbook or 1 more hour with the 5 hour ideapad with it's backlight off mode.. and you can use it in direct sunlight!

It's worth noting that while installing Pixel Qi screen to Ideapad is like a walk in a park, putting it to other netbooks isn't. Pixel Qi screen has 30 pin connector which is not on most netbooks, so you would need to make an adapter or custom cable and backlight off switch for it...

..which is my current plan: I'm planning of putting one to Asus Eee PC 1015N when I get one.

Jump to Engadget for full how-to, review and video

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NotLofty said...

I have the same plan that you have. So I'm looking forward to seeing how you add a pixel qi to the Asus 1015N

corzair said...

Lookinf forward to yet another amazing vid
keep up good work

stephen chin said...

Just curious:I have a Viliv S10 multitouch screen, will this Pixel Qi have multitouch too?

JKK said...

Stephen, it is screen panel... so to make it multitouch you would have to ad a touch panel too

..or remove the touch panel from your s10 and instal it on top of Pixel Qi screen ( which you don't want to do as in most case touch panel brakes when removed from a screen )

.. also Pixel Qi's current screens have 1024 * 600 resolution while your s10 has 1366 X 768.. so it might not even work on it ( depending on it's video BIOS )

Anonymous said...

Do you know yet if you'll be able to get the newer panels with the better viewing angles for your project?

JKK said...

I'm hoping to get the new one..

NotLofty said...

Did I read somewhere that by the end of the year they will have out the new one as a DIY kit?
I wonder if they will ever put out their touch panels as diy.

Anonymous said...

3Qi kIT sound to be a replacement of LD panel LG/Philips LP101WSA-TLA1 & compatible like the ChiMei N101L6-L02 & N101L6-L03.

You could found LCD panel like LP101WSA-TLA1 LCD in :

* Acer Aspire one (10.1″ LED BACKLIGHT PANEL) : Aspire One Netbook 532H series (AO532H-2067, AO532H-2068, AO532H-2206, AO532H-2223, AO532H-2268, AO532H-2288, AO532H-2298, AO532H-2309, AO532H-2326, AO532H-2382, AO532H-2406, AO532H-2527, AO532H-2575, AO532H-2588)



* ASUS Eee PC (10.1″ LED BACKLIGHT PANEL), mais les ASUS Eee PC 1000HE, 1000H ne sont pas compatible avec les dalles LP101WSA-TLA1.


* Samsung N130/N135 ……


Ria Absin-Viente said...

Hi man!
The official 2.2 update for Motorola Droid is out now. I would love to see your long review about it :)

Anonymous said...

Any way to put one on a Sony P series?

Dream said...

Has anyone tried a Qi screen in the AC100 yet? :/

Alexander Bain said...

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