Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back at work! What's up next..

.. and remember to listen MeetMobility Podcast live tomorrow!

.. and check a teaser of one of the videos coming soon.

Great to be back!

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Anonymous said...


good to see you back!

dWLkR said...

Welcome back JKK!

Anonymous said...

You're multitalented...
I'm looking forward to the SSD updates, especially since the prices for the drives have steadily fallen. If you do requests, please have a segment about purchasing recommendations - best drives for the price kind of thing.

Joe said...

I'm looking forward to Intel's upcoming SSDs:

"Soda Creek" mSATA (PCIe Full SATA) in 34nm MLC 40GB and 80GB from Q4 2010.

X18-M (1.8" SATA) in 25nm MLC 160GB and 300GB from Q1 2011.

Ria Absin-Viente said...

Hey man! please review the froyo update of droid and droid2!!! I love your reviews :)

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