Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Battery consumption on Dual-Core Atom N550 with Nvidia Optimus

Back at Computex I tested Asus Eee PC 1015N / 1015PN a bit and measured the battery consumption.. Brightness was at 100%.. here are the results again:

Running YouTube video..

Results after YouTube video and some other teasing..

On idle.. ( It never really idled due Asus crapware )

Windows 7 score

So.. Asus Eee PC 1015N with Dual-Core Atom N550 and Nvidia Optimus used 8.5 to 15.5 watts on maximum brightness and wifi on. Typical single core netbook with Intel integrated graphics uses 7 watts to 15 watts... not bad.

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Unknown said...

you know when the asus 1015n will be released?

Are you replacing with SSD? 1.8"SATA that supports trim?

JKK said...

No confirmation about the release date yet.. and yes SSD going in the second I get it ;)

.. it should eat 2.5 inch satas

Anonymous said...

is there a visual indicator when ION is on? was it the 8 or 16 core? im really looking forward to the HD video tests.

thats pretty impressive for an N550/ION8 system, i was estimating at full load 8.5 + 6 + misc parts = 14.5w+

needless to say that blows away the D525/ION15

Unknown said...

I saw a nVidia video where they had a scrrn popup showing when dedicated gpu turned on/off. It showed how quickly the thing does it which is great. Also I heard its a 8 core which makes sense because that's what nVida said they'd put in 10-12 netbooks because of thermal problems.

2.5inch ssd sounds great, this things gonna fly! Just wish came with the ram maxed out, can't find any ddr3 200 pin ram on newegg.

James said...

Well, it may be a typo but this Netbooknews article on a Pre-Oder for the 1015N in France states 16 Core ION... http://www.netbooknews.com/5595/asus-eee-pc-1015pn-ion-2-netbook-up-for-pre-order-in-france/

Anonymous said...

since Intel GFX is limited to 14x9 & ION goes upto 25x16. i wonder what happens if youre connected to an HD external monitor & it auto switches from ION to Intel?

i wonder when your plugged in if ION just stays on all the time?

James said...

Well, Netbooknews has reported that Asus is the first out with a N550 model with their 1015PEM, which will be the dual core version of the 1015PE.


Unknown said...

I cant afford a PixelQi if they stay at $270 but Ill probably get this

Up the resolution so 720p matters lol. Hopefully PixelQi drops in price. I don't need wideview unless it's a tablet (but it'd be nice).

ProDigit said...

PiQi initially stated they where going to release their screens at about the same price as an LCD screen.
At this moment they are at the same price as a netbook. ($300).
But when mass production will be ramped up, they most likely will reduce their prices.
Then it'll only be $25 more for a netbook with PiQi screen. (eg: netbooks of 279 will be sold for 299 or so...).
I expect that to happen somewhere around Q2 2012 though...

Unknown said...

Sounds good, did Anyone tested cpu performance? I have eeepc 901, 1015PN is good material for new netbook...

Nicole_Scooter said...

I was looking for the TDP while gaming, Zacate E350 just got benchmarked and is ranging 25-30W while playing an BlueRay movie!

Its not in an actual system yet, but those numbers are pretty impressive for 1080p!

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