Monday, August 23, 2010

Mobile Dual-Core Atom N550 lauched


" Intel Corporation announced today that a dozen of new netbooks based on its new mobile dual-core Intel® Atom™ processors are available in stores today. The netbooks – available now and through the end of the year from manufacturers including Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, MSI, and Toshiba – enable new levels of support for applications like games, as well as Adobe Flash* technology for access to a number of Web pages including online hotel booking systems and multimedia sites such as YouTube* and Hulu*. "

First info I have seen is Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3 with N550 at Netbooknews but the one I have been waiting is Asus Eee PC 1015N.

More models should be announced today from all the major OEMs.


Gigabyte T1005M convertible gets N550

Asus Eee PC 1015PEM gets N550 in Japan

HP joins with Mini 5103

Acer Aspire One D255 too

UPDATE: Power consumption figures here

Via Intel

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

at 1 time i would have been REALLY excited by this, but now the way i see it is that an N550/ION netbook is going to run in the $500US range but still be stuck with those WSVGA.

i can get an i3/i5-ULV 11" WXGA for $600US. i played with 1 in person & they are almost identical in size to current 10" netbooks (mainly because 10" netbooks have so much bezel).

i wish you luck "Atom" but Intel crippling your external monitor support to 14x9 was a serious mistake. so now i need ION or ULV gfx.

peaboy said...

Is this chip more magical than the D510 which is already available in some products? Seems like the only difference is the 1.8Ghz of the D525 vs. 1.66Ghz of the D510.

JKK said...

The magic is the mobile aspect.. ie uses way less battery.

.. I understand your need for hi ress screen but I'm perfectly happy with N550 specs as I need it for pure mobile use.. I actually prefer 1024 * 600 on 9 or 10 inch screen and I never connect my netbook to external monitor..

Anonymous said...


keep in mind that D510/525 do NOT support speedstep or Idle states (since they were made for nettops).

so there is a big big difference between N5xx & D5xx power consumption.

Anonymous said...

new Atoms/ULV's have GPU included, if you go ION you have to add it on top.

N455/475 = 6.5w
N550 = 8.5w

D525 = 13w***

i3/i5/i7-ULV = 18w

ION-8 = 6w
ION-16 = 13w

*** D-series doesnt include speedstep or idle states so it will suck battery MUCH more quickly than its N-series sister. for example, the upcoming Asus 1215n (D525/ION-16) would run at about 20w constantly (13w CPU + HDD/RAM/etc) & when ION kicks in would shoot up into the 30w+ range. this is CONSIDERABLY more than what we are all use to. compare that to a more powerful CULV which at idle would consume 8-10w (CPU + everything else) all because of speedstep. even at full load a CULV system would barely reach into the 20w+ range.

only question i have which could alter my #'s is, does anybody know if ION has a "speedstep" like technology built in or does it run at full wattage constantly?

Anonymous said...

Interesting numbers, the 1215N is out of the question for me since it uses the D525. But the 1015N uses the N550 & ION so im interested! Does it use the 8 or 16 core ION?

It looks like any N550/ION & CULV will somewhat compete with eachother in terms of pricing & TDP. The N550/ION will probably give better GPU performance were as the CULV will give better CPU performance. From what ive heard though even the i3 ULV can handle 1080p, which means the CULV is probably the better platform overall since it makes ION less important.

Intel is starting to blur the lines between the low & middle it seems, but i think they have to since Atom was receiving so much bad press.

peaboy said...

Thanks for all the clarifying comments. I was all set to get a Shuttle PC X50 V2 for my boat and run it on the DC house bank, but now I think I should wait... I want to use this as my nav computer when sailing and it will need to be on when I'm only using solar to charger the batteries. Go technology go.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The integrated GPU on the D525 runs twice as fast as the N550. It is D525 GPU @ 400Mhz VS. N550 GPU @ 200Mhz (source=Wikipedia) I am choosing the 1215N over the 1015N for its size 10.1" is too small and better performance (maybe marginally different but I'll say better)

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