Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ocosmos OCS1 slider UMPC at IDF 2010

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jkk,

I gave up on umpc's because mobile phones can now do most of the quick tasks without having to carry 2 devices.But this umpc kind of reignited my interest.It will be interesting to see how typing will be on those keys at the side.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it'll fare on battery life. They do seem to have a decently sized battery at the back(at least physically anyway), but Windows running devices have a fundamental limit to how much battery life it can extract.

They are a Korean company like Viliv. From their website, they also have a model called OCS7, which is a Menlow 1.6GHz based device.

I am impressed by the design, and the pads at the sides are cool as well. It's just the battery life that's the problem...

Anonymous said...

apparently they're taking back the slide out keypad

thats probably the dumbest thing you could have done to this, i have no interest what so ever in buying this unless it has that awesome slide out keypad.


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