Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Huawei S7 wifi only versions to Best Buy. With Android Market?


We got news that Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi only version will be at Best Buy soon for $599. Now also Huawei S7 Android tablet is listed there for $299... again wifi only.

Both of them has been in our hands so we know they have Android Market access and all Google goodies... but these were 3G version.

What about the wifi only tablets? Google has never granted Market access to wifi only tablets.. are they now?

If I was on the Order Now button, I would stand back a little and wait for confirmations..

If these wifi only tablets are getting Googles blessing, are we soon seeing others too? I don't know, but I sure hope so!

UPDATE: Wifi only TAB is not gonna happen at all?

Android and Me is saying:

"I just heard that $499 WiFi-only Galaxy Tab is not going to happen...at least not this year...and next year is Honeycomb tablets..."

If there was no way to get Market on wifi Tab, Samsung might not sell it at all.. more info as it comes.

UPDATE: Wifi only version ( GT-P1010 )is now on FCC ...looks real after all.

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turn.self.off said...

Reading the CDD may be enlightening. http://source.android.com/compatibility/downloads.html

Mobile network access was dropped as a "must have" around the release of 2.1. But there is still a list of other "must have". Camera (2mpix or greater), accelerometer, compass (both 3-axis), gps. And with 2.2, bluetooth.

The galaxy tab screen is outside the norms set in the CDD. But said section have a "contact google" clause, so i suspect samsung had a chat with google and got the thumbs up on the extra large screen.

JKK said...

yep, CDD is good read to understand it all..

.. note that typically GPS comes hand in hand with 3G.. ( assisted-GPS ) so missing 3G leaves GPS away too.

Anonymous said...

Not always, the Archos 5 had no 3G but still had GPS for example. So it's not automatic.

Charbax said...


These two have "official" marketplace and not 3G:

By the way, Nov8th is day when the 2.3 Marketplace becomes open for all tablets. Also day of Nexus Two and Nexus Tab releases..

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