Friday, October 29, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab unboxing

Finally got it back to myself!

Next video up soon...

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Josef said...

Aha, thats the new Gadget you where waiting for. Nice, looking forward for more about this device.

turnkey said...

Cant wait to get one, looks great, thanks for the video, amazing how these devices have progressed in a short time.

baDboyzs said...

Haha , next show please...!

Gerald Fraser said...

Thanks for the video :) I look forward to hearing more about the software issues, as they could delay my purchase. It would be very interesting to know whether an upgrade to 2.3 can be expected later. Otherwise NOK 7K is a bit pricey..


Molybdo42 said...

Hi, it seems that the galaxy tab doesn't use à standard PDMI connector but a
proprietary one.

Can you check this please ?

This PDMI norm is quite recent and I am unable to find an official picture of what the connector's pins should look like.

I would be glad if you could check two things :
- the physical layout of the connector : does it look like the dell streak, the apple, or the sansa 30 pin connetor
- the electrical pinout, is it the same as the PDMI standard, or the sansa one

I hope that Samsung used a standard connector otherwise I don't think I will be buying it.


JKK said...


The connector is similar as on apple and dell streak, but still different so neither works, I tested.

Than sansa looks same but i don't have it so can't test.

I took some pictures:

left-apple center-sammy right-dell

I will try to get sansa connector soon as i have some plans too..

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