Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab as Youtube Remote


Just go to http://youtube.com/leanback with your computer or TV and open Youtube Remote app.. simple and really fun!

If you don't have Android Market on your device you can grab it from here

Via YouTube

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RexNatFlenders said...

thank you for the app!

Anonymous said...

Looks great but they decided to limit the downloads :( Any pointers for the apk other than the above market link?

-- Tero

Anonymous said...

Uhh, forget that ;) Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

link doesn´t work

JKK said...

Anon.. if you mean "open Youtube Remote app" link, it only works on your Android phone..and it doesn't find the app if you are not in US.. use the last link then..

Anonymous said...

jkk do you know what audio can galaxy tab support thanks...I just wanna know.

Marcin said...

Now you can also use GRemotePro to control your PC using Galaxy Tab. Last update in Android Market fix issue with this device.

Anonymous said...

Anybody experiencing crashes when they switch between wireless access points or switch from flight mode off to on and wireless on? Mine crashes and was wondering if it is a hardware fault or issue in the Kernel. I have to do a hardware reset to boot the Tab back up after a crash. You also get the green droid on screen with "Kernel Panic Update Mode".

toni said...

Can html, fla, swf, jpg files ( as in flash website template )be stored in the Galaxy Tab, then displayed by the browser as a sample flash website ?


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