Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dell hiding 7 inch slider in their labs... Want one?

Doesn't look bad at all.. Even I am used to type on portrait mode on my 7 inchers i would love to check out this one.

No word for specs or availability but atleast we have these pics.. More pics at Engadget

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Norman D. Robinson said...

I'm really shocked when I see such good practical design and learn that it is only a concept sitting on a shelf in an R&D lab somewhere. Honestly..., what is wrong with "Mr. Micheal Dell" to not ensure this makes it through to production..??

Could someone at "DELL" please have a second look at this as a "METAL" chassis version for the professional world..?? Have a review of the "OQO" device from a few years back for inspiration.

Unknown said...

The keyboard looks great to me, good idea. I hope but i dont think this device will come out.

Laptop Computers said...

Ouch.. white colored slide is looking cute.. nice portrait design..why you people hiding this just get them into the market :D

Ismael J. Rodriguez said...

Honeycomb would make this such a winner.

KC said...

Hi! Jkk look like you long time didn't update news here. and have you tried disassemble the viliv n5 before?

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