Monday, June 04, 2007

Itronics GoBook MR-1 rugged UMPC

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Core Solo 1.2 GHz with 1Gb ram
5.6 inch screen
40 to 80 Gb hd or 16 to 32 Gb SSD
Wi-Fi a/b/g/n, HSDPA, EVDO Rev A, Ethernet and USB 2.0

4450 dollars!

Looks a bit like Flipstart's first design?

Maybe because they seem to have used Flipstart as a base unit..

I like this MR-1 way more than Flipstart.. finally it has touch screen. Good job Itronix!

Data Sheet (pdf)

Some nice high resolution pictures :

More pix here )

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Anonymous said...

Wow, GD is charging 4000$ for the new look. That is overkill for a unit that already has a base price of 699$. I would prefer to purchase 7 Flipstarts than 1 Intronix.

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