Friday, June 01, 2007

Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPC dissected

And as this picture shows, it has 2 mini pci express slots under the hood.

Good for upgrading it with 3G HSDPA like here: When oem don't do it, users will...

There is easy access to hd too...

More here

Hmm.. and that round thing inside red circle looks like place for antenna.

Maybe there will be a HSDPA enabled model too!

All details about Fujitsu FMV-U8240 UMPC

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Unknown said...

inside red circle is a pen.

Blaine Gardner said...

You don't have a U810, do you?

It's not a pen, it's a plastic plug. The stylus on the U810 stores next to the LCD.

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