Friday, April 09, 2010

Meet:Mobility Podcast 47 – ‘Pad’ies Day

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Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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T101 now shipping in U.S.


* Mobility?. Tablet, no 3G.
* Threat to Netbooks? (businessweek said netbook sales sag because of iPad)
* What it will do to the segment. 500,000 sold in a week in U.S. Penetration will be much less in EU. 2 million looks likely for 2010.

Joo Joo. Engadget review. Poor UI, Poor battery life. 1.2KG.

ICD Gemini is the answer?. 11.6″ tablet on Tegra 2. Timescales.

HP Slate.
Hanvon tablets.. shipping in week
CTL ToGo – ATom tablet

Archos 7 Home Tablet late April
Inbrics ANdroid Slider – WIfi only.
Sharp IS01

Meego Day 1 arrived. Something that cuts right across what we do here from smartphones to netbooks.
Meego Summit October. All of you should try and make it. Europe location.

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Anonymous said...

Where's that BA10E review? I thought you said you'd have reviews of both Hanvon tablets, not just the touch / Celeron one?

JKK said...

I don't have it yet, but hey are sending BA10E to me soon...

Anonymous said...

Ah, for some reason I thought you said in a video or something they were letting you take it then, that explains it. Looking forward to it. :D

Anonymous said...

Is this hack available for T101 MT too?

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