Friday, June 18, 2010

ITG xpPhone "unboxing" and preview

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tmarks11 said...

Looks like a 2007 Raon Digital Everun.... complete with black sock.

I would have bought this in 2007. But this is coming 3 years too late, based upon size and CPU abilities.

I liked WinXP on a pocket sized device in 2007, but quickly found that it was a major struggle to actually find enough good software that would work on the machine with its limitations.

Compare that too modern times, where a good lightweight tablet OS has thousands of programs which are designed to fit the device. Where the device is sleek and slim with batteries that last all day.

Android and iOS are the future of tablets, unless someone can produce a 0.5" thick tablet that will run win7 with at least 6 hours of battery life.

James Pond said...

Is it me or the power brick is awfully big? It's bigger than the device itself! :-D

Anonymous said...

a major draw back to this device is the cpu. I'm not sure about the ram either, I think they're shipping it with 512mb, which is a problem as well. otherwise it looks great.

If they ever decide to make it an intel atom z520 with 1Gig ram I would seriously consider getting it. Otherwise I'm happy with my viliv s5.

Anonymous said...

the device is too big to be a phone and im sure batt life isnt great. Of course becuase of the cpu its too slow for everyday use and win xp is to cumbersome to get things done compared to android and ios.

auktionadmin said...

According ITG's website xpPhone will get lots of options with xpInside. For example over 1GHz CPU and 2GB RAM

Anonymous said...

i want!

timelock said...

@Jkk, Opera have build in drag and scroll. Check this

I use it on my U820 and i`m realy happy with it.

Best regards

Anonymous said...

For the XPINSIDE "better" specs, in my previous email to ITG, it looks like they only accept orders of at least 1000 units or more to customize the unit...
With the iPhone 4g and the gazillion Android phones coming out all the time, I dunno if XPPHONE can really compete in the cell phone or umpc arena, unless the they up the specs of the standard this minimum specs: 1gb ram, 32gb SSD, choice of OSes or NO OS (if customer already has his/her own copy of Windows), but provide the drivers, and detailed install sequence (aka COOKBOOK) on how to get them running A-OK the first time...and of course, competitive that too much to ask ITG? :-)

Anonymous said...

I am seriously considering to buy this one. But I have some doubts:
1. Is it available in English? Does Chinese Language dominate its interface?
2. Does it Hang or crash too often? Will I need to reboot it frequently to keep it running smoothly?
3. DOest it support MS Office? It yes, then does it come bundled with the package (MS Office 2007)?
4. Does it support other (phone) features like applications that directly control calling and Messaging (e.g.: call/msg filter; conversation; picture flash caller ID; Active Notes; etc)?
5. Does it support 3G on a GSM (Vodafone) network (in India)?
6. Is it available in India? If yes, wht is the price in India?
7. What are the payment modes available to purchase the phone?
8. Does it cost anything to use GPS over the phone?
9. Is a spare battery available for purchase?
10. Does it really have a battery life of at least 5 hours with full operation and at least 12 hours on stand-by?

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