Friday, June 04, 2010

Testing Pixel Qi with Killawatt at Computex 2010

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Anonymous said...

Video shows only difference between power use of different Pixel Qi screen's modes.

The bigger power savings happens when you take either the ARM or Moorestown CPU, with proper bios, OS, apps and can scale back CPU to shut it off.

So, after we see systems with this built in (like the OLPC XO-1 had the power shut off -while still running the screen and doing things, built into the CPU and system functions) it would be interesting if we could see system without Pixel Qi screen, and same system with Pixel Qi screen (both modes), and compare the power use side-by-side to see the actual results.

Are the current ARM or Intel Moorestown CPU systems, that are there at computex..., are they showing their systems using ANY of the advanced power saving tech of the OLPC XO-1?

Intel could not do this before the Moorestown CPU, so have they fixed a Linux version of MeeGo to do this power savings?

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