Monday, August 20, 2007

Kohjinsha SH6 video review

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks a lot for this. I'm very surprised how responsive it is.

Unknown said...

I appreciate your review. It covered a lot of good things. At the same time, I'm mystified why someone would buy such a device. If you're going to be tethered to a power supply, why not buy a non gimped-pc? These products are destined to fail until battery technology is revolutionised, That, and until the realization that Vista tacked on to a mobile device is frankly, a misfit.

I want to see Microsoft fully initialize behind a mid range, mobile computing idea, but just tacking origami onto portable PC's is laughable at the price.

JKK said...

There is nothing wrong with the technology, this platform ( Stealey ) should give 3.5 to 4 hours with that 3 cell battery and 7 to 8 hours with 6 cell...
.. there is something wrong on the board it self.

Let's hope they fix it soon...

Jacky said...

Hi all , its a interesting devices and may i ask a question about the OS?

the oringal OS in a japanese windows vita , how can you change the english windows vista?

its need what device can go that?

thank lot

Anonymous said...

This was bought from conics,

so it had english version installed.

Jacky said...

Thank you Jkk i am in hong kong , i am asked my friend delivery this SH6 to HK within this week , i will replace the SH6 512MB to 1G ddr2 667 ram on it.

after i got it , i may use the USB to IDE desktop DVD drive to installing the vista

do you feel running smooth on using vista ? which vista version you using in your SH6 , i hear form another SH6 user , they install window xp or xp tablet its also can running smooth on it

after i got the device we may know more experience to each other . i will keeping viewing your blogger , just keep it on , i know it have many people (Kohjunsha) fans viewing in your blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice review there JKK. Saw the real thing last week, totally cool, but still holding on to my SOny UX-27.

Jacky, BTW, I saw one in Mongkok the other day, too bad it was reserved, it does look sweet.

niko said...

thanks for the review!

Did you try skype? How would you expect it to run using the webcam?
Did you also try to play a DVD using media player? How good is that?

Anonymous said...

I had been eyeing at the kohjinsha and can't wait to get hold one of it soon.

Just a quick question, is 2GB RAM recommended or can I just stick to 1GB RAM.

Please advice.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

its best to upgrade from 1gb to 2 gb when using vista..unless if you plan to downgrade to xp, 1 gb for xp should be enough plus..but id rather go for xp tablet edition

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