Saturday, October 20, 2007

Asus prepping accessory line for Eee PC laptop umpc

Specially that HSDPA modem and 6 cell extended battery looks interesting..

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That 6 cell looks good. It could give about 5 to 7 hours battery life.. That modem is a bit bulky.. Looks like Huawei modem with Asus adapter.


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Anonymous said...

im shure i would buy the accesorys for my asus ee pc i like the mouse but looks bulky but still i might buy it

Anonymous said...

Look at the ASUS Eee PC Battery..

Anonymous said...

Nowadays Laptop is very popular and mostly users owned it rather than desktop....the very advantage of Laptop is you can carry it wherever you are as long it has a wireless internet connection available.

But Desktop has an advantage also over Laptops, this include upgrade of OS and other internal accesories.

Well for me, I had to buy both so wherever I go just pack the Laptop and when getting home I got Desktop. Lol!

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