Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More companion devices?

Palm foleo died...but some are missing it. Now i-Mate is rumored to make their own version, compatible with their phones. Hmm.. there is actually pretty simple way to make a "universal" device like that..

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This is iPod video dock. It has bigger screen, video input and battery. Sells at $175.

Take that iPod away, add keyboard with bluetooth, and it could be used with any smart phone with bt and video out... for about $200.

But would we want/need one? If yes, what would be the optimal size?

10 inch screen like in Foleo? UMPC like 7 incher or should it be pocketable?
And should it have VGA in for small UMPCs like OQO and Everun?

Steve has been thinking something similar too... He just don't have the same 3d cad software I'm using..

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Anonymous said...

Looks more like a Photochop hack job to me.

JKK said...

It's PaintShopPro hack job...

Yes, I did those images to show how it would maybe look like...'s not actual product.

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