Monday, October 08, 2007

Follow up on CF to IDE adapters on UMPCs

Addonics is selling this nice CF to IDE adapter, similar to the one I use. Frank reminded us about it today..

As it may look nice way to make diy SSD for your umpc, you should know that you can't use cheaper CF cards made for cameras with it. You need more expensive cards made for OS use. So using these adapters can be actually way more expensive than commercial SSD drives, specially if you need the same amount of storage.

This dual adapter has both master and slave slot, so you could use "OS capable" flash on master and cheaper cards for files on slave.

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ctitanic said...

Well, I'm really not convinced about what you are saying. And I tell you why. In more than 5 years of my experience using all kind of CF cards I never had one dying on me because it reached the maximum amount of read/write cycles. ;)

Anonymous said...

There is big difference of file access and running os like xp.

SSD drives have advanced error correction codes and wear-leveling algorithms, normal cf cards don't.

ctitanic said...

How do you know that those algorithms were not included in the board of this adapter?

Unknown said...

I have a few CF to IDE converters. There is hardly any components on the device. Just an LED, a few resistor and 2 connectors. So those algorithms are not included in the board of this adapter.

ctitanic said...

Gordon, and you have had any problem?
any data corruption?

JKK, check this.

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