Monday, October 08, 2007

More info about Samsung SPH-P9200 UMPC

Steve found specs and manual and Brucem took nice pix of it.

Click here to see the pix and specs

Via C7-M processor
30GB hard drive
Windows XP Home edition.
Standard battery (20Whr, 2-2.5hours)
Extended battery (40whr, up to 5 hours)
Camera, 1.3mp
Wifi, Wibro and HSDPA
SIM card slot.
15 pin accessory port (unclear. Could be for headset, dongles)
Port replicator (2xUSB, power, LAN, VGA)
5" 800x480 screen (and higher res interpolated modes)
Deluxe Launcher with enhanced systems tray.
Includes Samsung MyPen software.
Icon lens and MyZoom software
Optical joystick (and mouse buttons)

SPH-P9200 manual and info

More Brusem's pix

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SockDog said...

I'm not sure what it is but I love the design on this more than many UMPCs I've seen released.

The small footprint when viewing or using screen input is great.

The expanding keyboard is a brilliant way to solve the whole keyboard footprint problems the U810 seems to bring to the fore.

I'd like to see some more memory in there, not sure why we're being limited to max of 1gig on devices but 512 is pushing it.

I'd also put on my magic hat and ask that the (what looks like a media controller) back of the keyboard when folded could perhaps do with a thumb-board for quick onto the go input.

Likewise, rotating, tablet mode really should be a given these days.

Still, as someone who's in the market for a UMPC along the lines of the U810/SH8 this looks very attractive. I'm guess the chances of a US/EUR release are slim though.

Anonymous said...

I love this design as it is the first UMPC that has a normal keyboard! I really hate to use pen and thumb inputs. When will these be sold in the US? I'd buy one right now as I can see this replace my laptop for work as a sales representative.

Anonymous said...

Is there any news on this being sold to the US? To me this is the only real functional UMPC that is not a tech persons gadget/toy. It has a true touch type keyboard, runs full windows, and can be folded so small that it looks like it will fit in a coat pocket?

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