Thursday, November 06, 2008

Everun Note external battery/charger pack now available

I wish more oems had external chargers...

Click here to see more

With this adapter you can either charge 2nd battery while using another or use it as a external battery..

External charger/battery pack is €30 inc. VAT
..and extra battery is €42 inc. VAT

Get yours from MobilX

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john said...

That's also an ethernet port you see on there. It's also a wired LAN adapter.

(I ordered one with mine, should get it some time next week; Dynamism had a hold on Ubuntu machines until the 7th)

Unknown said...

Simple but very effective and excelent value.

Anonymous said...

now to do hotswaps on the go ;)

Anonymous said...

i wish this chargers for netbooks too, i have three batterys and no external chager for my 900 asus

Anonymous said...

I wish more devices had bigger batterys build in.This solution might be ok for the Everun but I dislike it generally.

Anonymous said...

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Will find many sites listing this now for sub-$200 (that price might be high for some, but for others $200 is the most that they can pay). Sub-$100 might be what they are worth.

Juan Luis Chulilla said...

I am evaluating everun note for my company (we'd buy 2 of them for fieldwork). This external charger just have an outraging results/value relation and we are almost decided to make the purchase.

we are looking for a small and light device which can run dragon naturally speaking, and dual core everun seems to have enough horsepower. Does somebody know if everun note actualy can run Dragon?


Anonymous said...

Simple, easy and intelligent.

Anonymous said...

There's an oddity.
1. You can use it as
1) a stand-alone battery charger or
2) a hot-pluggable external battery pack, or
3) a battery charger for the extra battery and (after it is done) the main battery, WHEN the Everun is OFF.
For 3), if your Everun is ON, the computer might abruptly turn off due to insufficient power.

(In other words, the ``pass-through'' power is inadequate for the operation of the Everun Note and charging its main battery at the same time, which is a bit odd since it uses the same AC/DC adapter.)

So, please be careful of 3), otherwise you might lose data.

BTW, to use LAN, you need to connect the charger to the Everun Note with a separate USB cable, which is reasonable but a bit cluttered.

I'm waiting of the soon-to-be-released (hopefully) Li-polymer extended battery (about 150% capacity).

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