Friday, November 07, 2008

Ultra-Mobile Computing Buyers Guide 2008 now online

All you need to know before buying one..

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Steve from has released The Ultra-Mobile Computing Buyers Guide 2008


* Introduction

* Part One: ‘What is Ultra Mobile Computing?’ We give you a history of Ultra Mobile computing, show you how the devices break down into segments and show you what each segment is capable of.

* Part Two: ‘Details and Choices.’ It covers the form factors, the keyboard, storage, the screen and connectivity elements of an Ultra Mobile PC. You’ll find a good overview and a lot of tips that will help you refine your choice.

* Part Three continues the details about the components and covers CPU (including a detailed overview of the currently available solutions) GPU, memory, battery, weight and cost.

* Part Four ‘Additional Information and further reading.’ In this section we cover some of the less commonly found features on Ultra Mobile computers and give you information and links to further reading resources.

Jump to UMPCPortal for full read [ make time to read it fully ]

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Anonymous said...

wow thats a great thing, fantastic job. i will read it all but first translate it into german via google ;-)

thanks, you mens are fantastic

Anonymous said...

not excellent english knowledge may be better then google translation...

Anonymous said...

yep thats right i tested but dont works good ;-)

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from this guide, is the section for those that are looking toward the future. As an add-on then, here are two links to consider in that area:

Reshaping the Laptop Market

The Future of Computer Design

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