Monday, November 03, 2008

GPS working on Aigo P8860 MID

.. mine is actually UMPC now as it has XP on it ;)

UPDATED with video

Click here to see more

Using Google Maps with GPS ( MeHere )

.. and VisualGPS to check signals etc..

It took about 15 minutes for the first cold start but after that it worked fine.. 5 to 10 satellites while driving at city center..

Testing more tomorrow.. Navigon Navigator going in..

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Joao Oliveira said...


Great as usual. i will be ordering mine in pair of weeks... just waiting for to have it available.

For now a question what the name of the taskbar battery metter you are using? i googled everywhere and couldnt find anything

all the best,
Joao Oliveira, aka BassoPT

JKK said...


I use "Notebook BatteryInfo"

Anonymous said...

Do you mean, it needs about 15 minutes everytime you boot it up or did it only take as long at the very first time?

Anonymous said...

By the way, the comment-function works perfectly now, thank you!

Joao Oliveira said...

Thanks for the link.

There seems to be a aigo mid fever going on all around and its you fault :)

Im just waiting for mobilx to have available and i will order one. its easy than ordering from dfj-store because from mobilx i dont have to worry with customs tax and all that stuff.

Mobilx claims that their version has a sim slot alredy installed?! do you thing its possible that the mini pci slot is already there too? not the 3g card it self but the slot.
Did yours already had the sim card slot too or you soldered both parts? maybe im drifting around here lol...

Joao Oliveira.

Anonymous said...

It seems the GPS software is running on Windows XP but I am wondering if there is a software for linux that comes with Aigo MID. I would rather stick with the original OS of the device.

Anonymous said...

Hi, which software did you use to view the maps Aigo MID? I've installed u-blox but it didn't work.

Could you help me in this?

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