Monday, March 01, 2010

Asus Eee PC 1005PR has HD screen

1366 x 768 on 10 inch Eee PC.. Maybe good for you?

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Sascha from Berlin said...

already got that - on my hp mini 5101 - and its awesome!! (:

caseyp said...

Hope you never have any problems. I purchased the machine from BestBuy and ASUS refuses to support it short of me mailing it back to them. For a machine marketed towards business travels, with a VIP support plan that will cover "anything" for 60 days, plus 1 year on the machine itself from fault, they will do nothing for you.

Customer service for business customers means prompt, reliable support to get you back to work asap. Customer service from ASUS means they assume you're liar and will expect you pay for priority, insured mail to and from them from FEDEX/UPS.

Its a new product, so no third party support or accessories will work. Save your self the headache and buy a machine from a reputable company with a good support history.

HG said...

I have to agree 1366x768 is good. I have that on my Acer Ferrari One F200 and got the speed for HD playback on my 42"Plasma to watch NetFix.

Anonymous said...


ug, my HP Mini's 576 vertical resolution is not pleasant! (Other models of the 2140 do, but mine didn't. bad!)

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