Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Asus Eee PC 1018P at CeBIT 2010

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Anonymous said...

Is this unit lighter than other 10" netbooks? No one seems interested in making lighter netbooks.

If Sony can make an 11" netbook weigh 650g, why are most 10" netbooks twice as heavy at 1.3kg?

Anonymous said...

1024x600 pixels was last decade. Will definitley not buy any netbook below 1280x720 resolution.

Phong said...

Totally agree with the resolution comment. My 5" UMPC is at at 1024x600, but is only useable at close viewing.

José said...

Asus is very late, Vaio W as 7.5 hours battery, decent screen resolution, bigger disc, chiclet keyboard already there and Vaio's typical excellent softwares.I sold the EeePc, my Vaio W is just amazing. When is T101 coming to Europe ? Next year...forget it, daily users have no time, and...we know what we need. Light, thin, touch, LLbattery and performance, write it on your agenda.

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