Monday, March 22, 2010

Viliv S10 Blade review ( 2.0 Ghz W7 SSD 3G model )

Viliv S10 Blade:

Thin and sleek convertible tablet with HD screen, multitouch, SSD and 3G

Best parts:
- great looking design with stealthy matte finish
- thin with great battery life
- no heat/noise ( fanless )
- good 3G modem ( supports voice too ) and strong signal reception

Needs to improve:
- I would like separate mic/headphone jacks
- rotation button would be nice (you can make a shortcut for it)
- speakers ( I like'em loud )

UPDATE: Dynamism pricing and special lauch event is up:

" Starting March 25th, when you buy an S10 with the 64GB SSD, you will receive a free spare battery ($110 value) and an introductory $70 instant rebate. $180 Total Savings!"

Check out Steve's review too

Viliv S10 Blade at

Viliv S10 Blade full specs

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Josef said...

This Device could be my next one, looking realy good to me. A rotation button would be a great thing or a small Software as you say.

I think the SSD is not fastest, that Device with a Runcore IV ...

PS: Hey new Videointro, looks good. :-)

JKK said...

Yep for SSD... video with bigger/faster SSD coming soon.

.. and yep, new intro, thanks!

Joe said...

Very nice review...
It realy performs very nice with 1g of ram :-)
I was looking forward to a device like that a long time. The things im wondering of is:
- can i watch a review like this easily?
- can i watch a movie (720p)
- Is the sound realy that bad?

I hope that this will be my ONLY device (kind of a dream... (i would love to use this as my cell, with a bluetooth headset and sip, I know its a dream... maybe in 2-3 years)

greets Jestrue

ps: Thanks a lot Jim! Im following you since the beginning ( i think so! The time when it was called origami portal (origami project -> Microsoft)

JKK said...

Youtube and others work fine up to 720P ( YouTube 720p with new drivers/flash 10.1 but not always smooth. Offline 720p is smooth )

Sound is not bad, just weak.

Unknown said...


very interesting review!
I think about getting this device.
What worries me however, is, that is seems to have only 1gb of RAM and this even not upgradable.
Was this a real problem in your use?


JKK said...

On mobile use, I don't have any problems with 1GB RAM ( hibernation is actually faster than with 2GB )

It depends what u need to do really...

anon124 said...

hey JKK
hows the battery life

Andytizer said...

Is this better than the T91MT/T101MT?

Arik Johnson said...

Great review - I'm (almost) sold but troubled by the 1 GB RAM - if it's not upgradeable that might be a deal-killer and send me back to my first-time Mac shopping, which WAS my plan... until I saw your review. Any advice?

JKK said...

RAM is not upgradable...

Kathi said...

Could I come by and take a closer look? :)

JKK said...

Kathi, sure if u are close to Helsinki..

Joe said...

Hi JKK, in terms of speed and graphics, how does it measure up/down to the Hanvon BC10C tablet?

I'm aware of the specs difference in terms of screen/touch/etc, but in terms of speed on MS Survace and MS Globe how do they compare?

Also a comment on battery life between the two would be great to know. Thanks in advance,


RainbowSix said...

Hi together,

ich would also be very interested, if anyone could compare this Vivid S10 Blade with the Asus T91MT or T101MT!?

I'm looking for a netvertible to use with office and i-net. First I found the both Asus netvertibles, but according to reviews/users they only have a low performance. And the Vivid seems to be a fantastic solution for that, with more speed, I think - but: I'm also a bit worried about the 1gb RAM (minimum specification of win7), which is not upgradeable. Is that really enough?

And a last question: does it make sense to buy the hspa modem for mobile use, though the Vivid costs around $ 90-100 more than without?


Anonymous said...

These comments don't sound very convincing (look for the cons!):
=> "Chintzy build quality" or "looks and feels cheap"
=> "Underside gets dangerously hot " or "Mediocre performance" or "Sluggish graphics "

Not really impressive, at this price...

Anonymous said...

Will you plan to buy it? Would you buy Viliv S10 or one of the Hanvon slates? Hanvon multitouch performance looked really good...but poor battery life.

JKK said...

Not sure yet...

.. I have the 2.0Ghz version where all others got the 1.6... I think the performance is good on it.

Anonymous said...

JKK- How is using Windows Media Center and playback?

mobile.fernandez said...

Price is really high. Would you suggest the Asus T91? You seemed to enjoy using it in your reviews last year.

JKK said...

MC works..

.. T91 is cool but slow.. it all depends your needs

mobile.fernandez said...

Does the hinge move in tablet mode, or is it stable/solid? I have other reviews talk about it being more flimsy, but I had not heard you concerned about this.

I really think I want it, but am still on the fence. Can you tell?

Great work. Thank you.

JKK said...

hinge doesnt move but it does not have lock to keep the screen from turning to sides..

I don't have problems with it.

I think it depend what you are used to..

JKK said...

Just compared it to t91.. t91 moves exactly the same way.. so I'm kind of used to it

RainbowSix said...

@ JKK:
Would you recommend it despite of the high price?

Is it fast enough for i-net and office? Or kind of sluggish?


Anonymous said...

1gb ram, no upgrade?!

what were they smoking when they designed this?

Jukka Turtola said...

If you're using the thing as a tablet PC all the way do you still have to open the lid up every time when powering it up? According to the video, the power button is situated in the same element as the keyboard and not with the display...

If this is true, it's definitely a con in an almost perfect package :(

The_White_Eagle said...

where can we buy this

DuckDuckGo said...

The unit is light and the build quality is excellent. I do find it horrible that they only allow 1GB RAM. This might not allow you to do much multitasking. The 10 hour battery life is something that should come by default on all netvertibles and that's a plus. You can have that 2Ghz version which might make up for the 1GB Ram.

There's some good competition to the Viliv S10 so prices should begin going down.

You can get a Viliv S10 from Dynamism

Also try eBay or other online auction sites for some good deals.

Unknown said...

Great review, thanks. Have you tried the screen outside in the sunlight? Can you read an ebook while sitting outside on a sunny day for example?

10Shots1Kill said...

Any updates on how you're liking it? Preferably a new video? :D

Anonymous said...

i know many have stated that the 1gb ram is not upgradable, i know this is not user upgradable, but is the actual memory chip soldered into the motherboard or is it a ram module that is inside the unit and needs you to dissemble.

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