Thursday, March 04, 2010

Shuttle Micro SPA modular netbooks at CeBIT 2010

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3 comments: said...

what i really hope is that this will drive the price down as there will be a reduced need to custom design the internal layout of a laptop series.

tho i wonder if not the drive towards thinner and lighter laptops will kill this, as usually standardized parts result in a bit more bulk.

Anonymous said...

I can see this being really useful for gaming laptops. Most of those, you can already upgrade the memory, disk drive and CPU... wouldn't it be awesome to be able to upgrade the GPU also? Or even the entire mainboard and change it out for something new?

I think this would work best for low-cost, enthusiast-focused machines rather than stylish thin PCs aimed at less tech savvy people. Which is why I also think Shuttle should sell the motherboards as a standalone product to consumers.

NeoTechni said...

I wish they'd sell them to the public. I'd love to make a mini arcade system out of one

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