Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Acer's 7 inch Android tablet has 1280 x 800 screen

Yep, 1280 x 800 on 7 inches.. me likes!

Other known specs:

1.2 Ghz dual core Snapdragon
Dual cams with LED flash on the back
HDMI out
Docking port
Micro SD slot

I hope we can take a closer look at it at Mobile World Congress.

More pics and hands-on feelings at

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tesaguy said...

Is there any 7" Tegra Tablet with 1280*800 resolution?

JKK said...

Not at least announced yet..

All 7 tegra 2 tablets at CES were 1024 x 600.. Dell Streak 800 x 480

There are rumors about HTC making a tegra 2 1280×720 Android tablet but no word if it's 7 or 10 inches. We should see it in 4 weeks at MWC Barcelona.

tesaguy said...

Speaking of the HTC Tablet, here are some little news:

Anonymous said...

Although that resolution on such a small screen will make for very sharp looking images it will also make for very difficult to read text. For those of us who need glasses to read we'll almost certainly have to zoom in on our web pages to make use of this screen. For me, this is too small a screen for that high a resolution.

ikkefc3 said...

Android isn't really tied to a fixed dpi.
The text size will be the same as one every other 7 inch tablet if you set the dpi correctly.

DavidRSw said...

Any info about this Acer having cell phone capability like the Galaxy Tab?

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