Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet:Mobility Podcast 63 – Honey Now, Fusion Later

Welcome to listen Meet Mobility Podcast.
Join me, Steve and Sascha talking about mobile computing.

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On this podcast:

JKK from JKKmobile@jkkmobile on Twitter

Chippy from Carrypad- @Chippy on Twitter

Al Sutton from Funky Android@alsutton on twitter

Show notes used in the podcast:


AMD Fusion
Toshiba N550D benchmarks
Eee 1015B ( AMD )



SDK released (preview SDK – API not finished – Timescales)

Google Cloud print – Android gmail / docs / some apps / API working.

RIM Playbook to run Android apps?

Smart- devices

2 m Tabs sold in 94 countries, 200 operators. 600,00 / month ipad over 1m per month.

HP Palm Topaz (9.7′ 1024 x 768) and Opal (7′ 1024 x 768 144mm wide)
Webos timescales – Q3

4:3 on tablets? u like?

7 inch Motorola tablet coming..

Galaxy tab 2, 10 inches?

Notion Ink.. first impressions, UI to Gtab, root, Market

Acer’s 7 inch Android tablet has 1280 x 800 screen

Archos 9 upgrade!



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