Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Dell Streak 7 reviewed... Battery life and screen kills great performance

You can see rest of Matt's review at ZDNet, but it wont chance anything.. no one likes it.

Joanna got only 3 hours 26 minutes from it on the video rundown test while Galaxy Tab got 6... not good. For me the greatest thing on these tablets is battery life, I can use Tab all day without worry.

Avram got 4 hours from it on surfing with wifi while on the same test he got over 9 hours with Galaxy Tab..

Kevin notices same thing as I: "It’s really meant to be a landscape device, which I find a challenge because I use my tablet in portrait mode more often than not."

.. so it seems Tegra 2 power cant help a bit when the basics are wrong. Next please..

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CD Replication said...

WOW, its really great to know, i am sure we all going to enjoy it, keep posting.

tj said...

Hey JKK, do you plan on posting anything about Nokia's new OS of choice, and how that impacts the mobile industry and open source mobile tech in general?
Looking forward to the next podcast.

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