Monday, November 19, 2007

No PCI-e connector on some Asus Eee PCs

Bad news for those thinking of buying Asus Eee and upgrading it with SSD, 3G or other PCI-e adapters. PhiBeR is reporting that the 3rd batch is missing the connector! Asus, we know (and love) that Eee is cheap, but you don't have to be!!!

Via EeeUser Forum

UPDATE: More bad news

"Inserting a Novatel mini PCIe EVDO modem into the empty mini PCIe card slot disabled the built-in SSD"

So it looks really bad for diy PCI-e upgrades even if you get one with the connector...

Via tnkgrl at EeeUser Forum

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Anonymous said...

wtf?! this is going beyond confusing...

could this be a production error?

JKK said...

Doesn't look like error.. shitty stuff!

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