Monday, November 05, 2007

x86 Gphone?

As Intel is one of OHA members , with direct link to MIDs on that list, we might see a x86 Gphone..

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HTC's Peter Chou says in the two years it's been working on OHA designs, "this is the best one we've seen." The device itself, which measures about 3 x 5-inches, sports a touchscreen, navigational controls at the base, and a full swivel out keyboard. When swiveled the screen goes from portrait to landscape mode... T-Swivel?

Steve asks where is the browser partner? They clearly state: "part of this Android solution is a very robust HTML web browser... contrary to a lot of the speculation out there" by Rubin, but who is making it?

One thing is sure: Those devices will be connected and Wimax will be one of the new ways to do it.
"Android also aligns with Sprint's plans for its next-generation mobile data network, Xohm(TM), which will soft launch in several markets in late December and begin commercial service in 2008. Sprint is working with ecosystem partners and others to incorporate WiMAX technology in a range of computing, portable multi-media, interactive and other consumer electronic devices. Sprint is working with Google to bring Xohm WiMAX mobile Internet customers search, interactive communications and social networking tools through a new mobile portal, as Sprint untethers Internet access for consumers, businesses and government customers."

Carrypad on x86 Gphone

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