Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Always Innovating Touch Book reaching the first ones


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Yep, first ones are getting their Touch Books.

got his just an hour ago and has been playing with it..

First impressions:

" This is too funny. There's no manual, nothing. TouchBook (TB), stylus, AC adapter and some magnet. Little odd honestly. "

" TB is very tipsy. Can't go past more than a few degrees and it goes over when connected to keyboard. "

Keep your eyes open as he said he will write an article to UMPCPortal about his first impressions tonight.

UPDATE: first unboxing and internal pictures appearing

It looks more like a hackers device judging by the internal modules.. You can open the back cover to add/remove USB/SD dongles inside it.

Touch Book at Always Innovating

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fastf said...
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john said...

I wondered/worried about the display being top-heavy in netbook mode. Makes sense, but it's unfortunate.

I look forward to hearing more of his impressions of it, though. Like, did he end up actually _needing_ a manual?

Scott said...

Finally! They are actually being delivered.

I'm interested to hear how the CPU stacks up. Is the interface snappy? How aboout video playback.

Anonymous said...

They Idea behind this Device is great but the realisation isnt.

Anonymous said...

This device is definitely (currently) geared more towards the tech enthusiast... I'm personally not too worried about speed as I've a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to slimming down linux distros. I'll probably be using mine mostly in tablet mode, so not too many worries about stability either. I'm excited!

Anonymous said...

Here is the User Manual.

Anonymous said...

Would have been smarter to put round cells near the hinge instead of that flat cell in the middle gravity-wise.

Anonymous said...

That might make it unstable in tablet mode. I think they should just put more batteries in the keyboard to make it heavier.

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