Thursday, August 13, 2009

HTC Touch Pro2 . First 24 hrs. First impressions

Click here to see the videos and pics

Test video filmed with HTC Touch Pro2

Test stream with Qik

Test pictures taken with Pro2

It's been easy start and I hope it stays like that..

N97 vs Pro2 up next.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice device, video and review. Cant whait to see more and the compare with the Nokia. The Cam seems to be not the best, i think the Nokia one is better. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

im wondering if this would be better to buy than the current mids. i have the benq s6 with windows but its a case of where i am going and do i really want to take it with me. pocketable does not mean it is easy to take in a pocket. i think this would suit my needs way more than a mid unless the next slew of mids get real small.

any idea of the size/weight of the new moorestown mids? i have a 2 year mobile broadband contract but dont think i can use it in a phone.

Heco said...

To activate links in Opera without zooming in try this:

In the Opera URL bar, type: opera:config. Click on 'Adaptive Zoom'. Next change the default number in 'Minimum Overview Zoom' to 70 or higher. Scroll down a bit and hit 'Save' and restart Opera.

You can now click links when you are fully zoomed out on a webpage.

JKK said...

Heco, I tested 70, 75 and 100 ... no dice.

Anonymous said...

Nice review, althoguh I don't like windows mobile, HTC's alterations to it actually made me change my mind a bit.

On a separate note, is that windows 7 you have installed on the t91? Is it any slower/faster than xp?

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL text on that screen! Whew!
Almost makes it worth the $850, right? ;)

shamus said...

hey jkk take a look at this tread
opera can recognise clicks in full window mode

Doug said...

I've been using the HTC Touch Pro 1 for a while now. While the device wasn't easy at first, it becomes quite rewarding after many hacks. I now have WM6.5 on it and it offers many features no other non-WM6.5 phone does. I can tether my 901 to my touch pro via cable, bluetooth or wifi making the perfect mobile combo.

Michael said...

WOW... I do like.

Pooja said...

Thanks for the great video. There is great demand for smart phones. The new HTC Touch Pro2 is a spacious touch screen phone with easy to type QWERTY keyboard. All good features like Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth etc.The phone is available at $600 to $700 with unlocked versions. the new HTC Touch Pro2 comes with a new communication technology which is termed as Straight talk. Overall, this phone is fantastic. For more details refer htc touch pro 2

Anonymous said...

Hi JKK thank very much for this informative video i think it has pushed me a bit closer to buying this phone
thanks again

Anonymous said...

I have been using HTC Touch Pro 2 for a few months now. I am really and greatly disappointed with the poor quality of Touch Pro 2. It is slow, and frequently hangs, especially when u slide out the keyboard to type. And it is extremely slow, like someone trying to figure out what to do. And GPS doesn't work properly too. Too much GPS lag for it to be efficient.

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