Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Asus Eee PC T91: First impressions

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software to get multitouch stuff vorking on the mouse pad.

More soon...

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Sepp said...

Very nice Video and good Informations, thanks for that. Cant whait for next one esp. upgrading SSD is important for my needs.

Ben said...

Great video! I have had the T91 for about a week and I really like it. I agree that the performance is quite acceptable. My 2 biggest gripes are the right click interface and the fact that XP has already taken up half of the hard drive.

JKK do you think the right click option could be brought up by modifiying the touch gate/aspect button? I think that would offer a improvement while in tablet mode.

ikkefc3 said...

For the multitouch touchpad features you could get the driver from:
It also enables the 3 finger swipe.

Beteigeuze said...

Wow, not the device, but the review !!!!!
Great Work, JKK, very, very, very informativ.

But don´t pause to a disrespect the manufactorers for there failures. Otherwise they won´t change anything.

gmich said...

jkk -- Where can I get the carbon fiber adhesive? I'd like to do the same to my T91.

Ben said...

ikkefc3---Which one of those drivers actually installs? Windows says that the one installed is the best available and doesn't let me install it.

JKK said...

Best combo:


I got the carbon fro Taipei while i was there.. you should search car part/modding sites fro the sticker.

Anonymous said...

Nice video!
The question is only, which device is better, the T91 or the T1028?!

Anonymous said...

this thread includes the driver + inf making it very easy to use multitouch on Asus devices

Daily Phones said...

Relay nice Asus device! ps. cool blog ! check mine to ;)

Pctrelos said...

Kohjinsha modding would give better results, for someone who buys netbooks and mod them. Gigabyte M912 was a lot better and complete device under my opoinion.

Anonymous said...

hey i've got an offtopic question:

jkk you are still using your 900A. i am still with my 900. i am very interessted in upgrading my 900 with a touchscreen and a new ssd.

can you please explain the difference between the 900 and the 900A . should i buy a 900A before upgrading?

thank you very much

Frank said...

You may compare with this URL

900 said...

what i mean is why jkk is using the 900A and not the 900. is the cpu such a difference and should i buy a 900A before upgrading?

which touchscreen is the best and easiest to upgrade?

thanks a lot

Sepp said...

The Difference between 900 and 900 A is the Atom CPU which needs less power, so the Device gives you longer Batterylife.

But: I have a 900 with a Runcore SSD (suuper fast), 2 GB RAM, Touchscreen (FidoDido) and two 5800 Batterys which gives me 7-8 hours Batterylife. I am happy with the 900 works good and fast. Last but not least i have Bluetooth inside, NDraft Wifi and a fan from a 901 which is very quiet.

I have other Netbooks but this funny Device is my favorate right now. May the T91 will be in future :-)

Frenky said...

Hmm so it seem T91 using 50mm SSD PCIe SATA??
Is it same like 901 and 901Go primary SSD ???

JKK said...

renky, same size but different bus.. 901 uses PATA

Anonymous said...

I hate glare panels - you alwyas see your sourroundings like in a mirror and it is hard to concentrate on actual content. Shiny black cases drive me mad - every fingerprint or dust can be seen on them, which is really annoying. A clever businessman could make tons of dollars just providing modding sets avoiding those two drawbacks.Thin film or foil or even a removable case would do. Why the manufacturers cannot be moved to concept and sell more user friendly features? I'm going to buy a new n[o|e]tebook frist when they improve those points.

Does never go something wrong during the modifications?

Anonymous said...

JKK - when can we expect the full video review of t91 ?? Can you compare touchnote T1028 with T91 ? And also what will be your next step ?? Modding or installing Windows 7 RTM ?? Could You check the overclocking via software ? ( would love to see T91 play Youtube HD and 720p viedeos smoothly ! )

Frenky said...

hmm.. so there something which just knew.. now..
this not clear from asus it self.

T91 - Single Drive:
- 50mm PCI-e SATA SSD
- SD Slot: Two

901Go/901/900a/900 - Double Drive:
- Primary: 50mm PCI-PATA SSD
- Sondary: 70mm PCI-SATA SSD
- SD Card: One

It seem hard to find 50mm SATA SSD in market though.

Frenky said...

If those 901go/901/900a/900 using PCI-e PATA is it compatible with 50mm from Dell Mini 9?

Anonymous said...

and what about this one: CTL 2go Convertible Classmate PC. In my eyes ClassmatePC is better convertible netbook then T91.

Ben said...

ok,just installed w7 on the T91... Fantastic! It's
a whole new device.

Anonymous said...

ben can U tell us more.
How is multitouch? Can the T91 be used as a real Tablet under w7 (Onenote, pen input, ...)? Are the graphical performances better?

Anonymous said...

Jkk,is there any chance that you will try this device out with linux (ubuntu or so)?

If not, has anyone tried this with linux, and if so, how is it working? Is performance any better than in windows?

Anonymous said...


I purchased a T91 a couple days ago, and have been searching high and low for a way to modify the Touchgate icons to include more than the standard Memos, IE, Preferences, etc. I'm beginning to conclude that it is not possible. Have you been able to successfully do this, or do you have any news/links on when/where an update might be available?

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic review - really helpful - but you want to smile once in a while! You keep saying you're happy with the machine but you don't look it.

Chris said...

Hi there

I hope you ahve the time to answer a couple of questions now you've had some time to play with the tablet...

Firstly, I'm assuming just like a standard laptop this can be put into a sleep mode so it can be quickly brought back online? I'm intending to use it as a lightweight note-taking device mostly in the tablet mode, so obviously I'll install Microsoft Office on it...And my plan would be to use it in a lesson, then set it to sleep when moving between classes, and resume when I need it again.

Also, would it be possible to remove the operating system and install a different one? I'm assuming it is but you lose Asus' touch applications...I'm not bothered about that, like you I doubt I'd use them.


Anonymous said...

Hello JKK,
thanks for your great report on the T91. I have just listened to the MeetMobility Podcast 31. There you are saying that you use the T91 now for one month and are running windows 7 on it. Will you make a report soon about that too? Or maybe even write a guide for it?
The reason I am asking, is that I now have a T91 on my own but I have big driver problems getting it work properly under windows 7.
Thx Peter

Anonymous said...


for the T91, you must install in first the ACPI driver manualy and then install the GMA500 driver...

for the rest it's finger in the noze ^^

Peter Hu said...

Hi jkk,

I purchased the RunCore 64Gb SSD for ASUS T91 and tried to replace the SSD myself. I've removed all the screws that I could find on the bottom of the notebook. However, I was still unable to open the casing up so I could replace the SSD.

I was wondering if you could kindly enlighten me on how to open up the device and replace the ASUS.

You may e-mail me at

Thank you so much.

Best regards,
Peter Hu

David Whittall said...

My sister-in-law is visiting Cebu, Philippines from Hong Kong.

I am considering asking her to bring me an ASUS T91 (with Win7, 32GB SSD - HK$2,688) or should it be the ASUS Eee PC T91MT - HK$3,980, or T101MT (HK$4,998)?

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