Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Nokia Tablet ( RX-51 ) previewed

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Tons of pictures and good look inside the cool new OS at Mobile-review

Via Engadget

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Michael said...

When will yoube testing one, JKK??

Anonymous said...

Heads up: "Nokia Booklet 3G sub notebook"

Check out YouTube. It looks nice. 12 hours battery time, 10" galss screen being a few of the key features

Anonymous said...

Please look at the Nokia N900
I believe you will be impressed. Would like your thoughts:

+ Same hardware spec as IPhone 3GS
+ Linux Maemo 5 driven O/S
+ Multitasking
+ Flash 9 support
+ DVD video capture
+ 5MP camera
+ Removable battery

Mike Cane said...

Memo 1 to Nokia: No one cares.

Memo 2 to Nokia: No one wants it.

Memo 3 to Nokia: No one will buy it.

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