Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Archos 7 home tablet at CeBIT 2010

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Anonymous said...

FBreader allows you to read in portrait mode.
Is it possible to use the USB port to plug an external keyboard? Or do we have to buy some expensive docking, like Archos use to do?

Mike Cane said...

I asked Aldiko. They have a software command to rotate the screen.

I want one. It'd replace my LifeDrive for playing back videos.

Really, this should be hailed. It's low cost and it's from a name brand. Think back to that 7" tablet Chippy got from China. Wasn't it more expensive -- and then dropped dead after a few weeks?

Greg said...

Great review, promising device. Does it support the Android Market? I realize not all applications are supported on tablets, but many are and the AppsLib by Archos is far too limited. This will be a showstopper for many people who would otherwise be very interested in the device.

Anonymous said...

The android market can be installed via a .apk file, so I imagine you can just install the marketplace on your own.

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