Saturday, March 08, 2008

Follow up on Asus Eee PC 900

I got to speak with Asus about specs and availability of the Eee PC 900..

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I talked with Rick Tung, Senior Manager at MB Business unit, and he confirmed some details:

- Eee PC 900 will have the same hw ( cpu/chipset/etc ) as current versions.
so the cpu is 900Mhz Celeron.

- As it uses same batteries as 7 inch models, it's battery life will be little bit less than 3.5 hours, due to bigger screen consuming more power.

- Bluetooth is not planned for this version.

- the 8GB SSD version will be sold with XP.

- the 12GB SSD version will be sold with Linux.

- even they said April at the conference, the more likely release date will be May - June.

- it will be available in black too.

- it will be 399 euros with Linux, "XP version will cost just a little bit more"
( remember that if something is sold in Europe for 399 e, you should not compare the price to US dollar as it is, I would guess it will be less in USA. )

I also talked with Asus CEO, Jerry Shen, and he told that they have been testing touch on Eee and but they have not decided if there is going to be a touch screen version in future. They have been testing and developing a touch optimized version of the current Linux build too, but again, they may not release it.
There will be "Easy Mode" for XP too.

Here are the specs again:

Xandros Linux version:
8.9 inch 1024 x 600 screen
900 Mhz Intel Celeron
Intel GMA 900
1.3M Pixel webcam

Windows XP version:
8.9 inch 1024 x 600 screen
900 Mhz Intel Celeron
Intel GMA 900
1.3M Pixel webcam

Here are some of my own observations:
- my 7 inch Eee battery worked on it so current batteries can be used with it
- touch pad was now much bigger, making it easier to use.
- ram is upgradable easily, as there is similar removable cover as in older versions
- keyboard is the same
- it felt as light and small as the 7 inch version
- i changed the resolution to 1280 x 800 and it worked but panning.. with sw interpolation we could still use it at 1280 x 800!
- me want!

If you haven't seen my video of it, go watch it now!

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Anonymous said...

love the review, thanks!!

arg....only if the battery life can be longer this thing could be perfect!!!

but then nothing is perfect in life..

Jacob said...

I like it a lot. Even though you can get more processing power and hard drive space for the same amount of money, it's just impossible to discount how tiny it is. And now that it's got enough screen space to browse comfortably and watch some lower-definition movies, I can see it really taking off, especially as a first computer for kids, adding to its current popularity as a secondary mobile machine.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your update about Eee 900. Me want it too :)
I just don't think I can wait until April or May. Considering current shortage of 8gb Eee, there is high possibility that it won't come until June or July.

Alan Macdonald said...

Hey great info. FYI according to Wikipedia ( the power consumption of the new model will be down 36% which should make up for the greater screen power consumption to some extent.

I really hope it's April cos I really want an eeepc but I reckon I am as well waiting now for the new models.

mw65719 said...

JKK, I'm pretty sure that even if Asus is not going to offer a touch screen model (and no HSDPA option), your's is going to have that within a few days after you opened the box :-)

JKK said...

i'm pretty sure i will have touch and 3g few MINUTES after i open it ;)

eeefan said...

Did Asus say anything on which countries in Europe to get the new EEE first?

I noticed a couple of pictures of EEE 900 with german keyboard...

JKK said...

they actually said that english version will be out first.

Anonymous said...

Exact physical size difference?

Anonymous said...

As of today, 399 euro is about $611.

Anonymous said...

Looking at pics says 9 is bigger. Interview with CEO in laptop magazine says same size. ?

Alexander said...

Still useless without Bluetooth...

Anonymous said...

Loving the new info! If they aren't going to release this in Scandinavia this summer, I WILL get one from Germany. No longer will I be deprived of the Eee.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll wait for an EEE with an upgraded CPU before ebaying my 701. I read in another news article on daily tech that the EEE will get Intel ATOM cpu's a little while after the 900's come out.

RobMtl007 said...

Greetings JKK:

After the big Buzz from HP 2133 a couple of weeks ago.

Asus has responded very well with the 900 model.

I think this 900 model will sell more units than the 700 model.

If they give the option of adding Easy XP and higher SSD drive like 12 gigs, then this will be the one to watch for the summer of 2008.

Regards Robert from Montreal

EEE Addict said...

I think the current 7" 8G EEE is going to soon stop production so that they can sell the new basic eee for $499 is U.S. and Canada or that They will make low end models to replace the current EEE family like having on with 2g ssd 8.9" screen with linux for $299 and so on.

EEE Addict said...

I think the current 7" 8G EEE is going to soon stop production so that they can sell the new basic eee for $499 is U.S. and Canada or that They will make low end models to replace the current EEE family like having on with 2g ssd 8.9" screen with linux for $299 and so on.
Oh and why doesn't anyone make a tablet version of this LOL. :-)

EEE Addict said...

Oh and one last thing how do you know if the caps lock and num lock is on, and will the processor be underclock again?

Sorry about makeing so many comments. :-(

PreyToFailure said...

I don't understand how they will be able to continue to sell XP after june 30. Am I missing something?

Petrolias Christopher said...

I leave in Greece and for 399 Euros it’s a must buy. I bet mobile phone services will start giving up free eee pc’s rather than giving you the new mobile phones models cheaper. Eventually you will end up with a new one for free, (price winner, gift …dunno)As everyone crazy about this product so am I and the question now is, should we wait for a feature eee 1001 series (future better model perhaps? Touch screen addition would be totally suberb) or should we go buy it with the first chance? (look all those 701 buyers, they have to sell them back or drop break them and go buy the 900 model). I’ll buy it, I don’t need it but I’ll buy it.

Nick said...

Wait a minute. Can you only get linux on the 12GB version? I don't want to pay extra, especially if I don't need 12GB! Though I wonder if I can return XP for $$$... Would it be cheaper then? I think Xandros costs money anyway, so it might really save money. Either way, it's going to be overhauled with Gentoo.

Anonymous said...

need this thing..

i hope it's launched in the next weeks :D

Anonymous said...

The new atom processor will give long battery life and it is less powerful than the current celeron m in 7" models!

Anonymous said...


399 Euro = 630.169 US Dollar

Petrolias Christopher said...

You are right about the rates, but here in greece if something costs 1500$ they sell it for 1700 euros because they believe we are not smart enough to understand what is happening in the rest of the world. Well the online users target group are smart ones, they market research everyday tons of products. We will get what we need at the price we want.

Eee Bah Gum said...

UK retailers are starting to take pre-orders already, and we don't even know the full specs yet.

JKK said...

Yes we do know now!


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