Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Unboxing HTC Touch Pro 2

Click to see the video

Testing started.. more soon.

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NikLP said...

You can expect first boot to be slow as it installs the OS from ROM.

And yes, it helps if you put the battery in...! :)


Heco said...

Nice device, looks better than the n97.

Be sure to check out XDA for custom Roms with youtube working in browser.

Im using a custom Touch Pro2 Rom on my Touch HD, works like a charm and much faster than my orig rom.

Heco said...

Also you could try some Winmo 6.5 Roms if you feel brave enough.

Would be nice to see which interface you like more, the HTC manila on 6.1 or the more finger friendly 6.5.

Anonymous said...

Yep Battery is always a good thing. ;-)

The Slide is good but the Nokia one looks a bit better for me. I like the stand of the device is good when it dont fall back. Keyboard looks good to me too, big keys.

Looking forward to see more :-) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Wanted to get this but the release date and price wasn't good for me. Got htc dream instead. I believe you can play flash video with external software.

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