Sunday, November 22, 2009

EKing S515 UMPC unboxed and handled

Great form factor and 3G bonus but 2.5 hour battery life?? Viliv S5 can do easy 2 to 3 times of that..

We should be able to show you more of it on Tuesday night live session..

Thanks Steve!

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Josef said...

Steve said a price around 450 Euros. That is way too much. Archos 5 starts at 250 Euros. Why should we pay so much more? For the Keyboard?

Anonymous said...

Its a phone too?

Anonymous said...

My guess would be the form factor. I'm looking for something like this. Namely the MID format factor and the ability to make regular cell calls. I wonder what the battery life will be running the 3G and not the wifi. I like it but I think I'll have to wait to see the XPphone.

deriuqer said...

Great,except battery life.

XPphone promises battery life of 7hrs with standard battery and 12hrs with extended,which I doubt (UMPC mode).At least they have a extended battery.Then again the build quality and keyboard looks rather cheap.

I pretty much gave up on UMPC's.

Anonymous said...

looks like the psiXpda.... what's the difference?

Anonymous said...

The Archos 5 is just an internet tablet and not even close to an equal comparison to the s515. A comparable product is the viliv s5. I own the s5, and am very interested in the s515; my only concern is the battery life. I'm definitely tempted to give up both my phone and s5 for it.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a ideal UMPC that suit my needs, and I really excited in the S515. But the battery life is a terible thing. I'm out of my office 6 hours a day, but the s515 can only be used for 2,5 hours, I can not charge it when I'm moving all the time.
If it's not going to be fix, I think I'll buy the Viliv S5 (this is a really good device too, except for the keyboard exclude), it can be use up to 6 hours without charging.
All the other functions of both devices are the same, I think.

Anonymous said...

I bought on of this recently and would say it is a good device. the screen resolution can be changed and the battery life seemed to me more than 3 hours, and with the small battery it is very easy to keep spare in your shirt's pocket!
The only draw back is the 3G signal. Though I've asked other user who was happy with it. Also I'm a bit concerned about the wifi speed!
More importantly, unable so far to find support!!! Has anybody round here come across the manufacturer
website for drivers, accessories ..etc?!!

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