Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet Inbrics Android MID

Known specs:

ARM Cortex - A8 800MHz processor
AMOLED touch screen
GPS, digital compass

Inbrics will have it at CES 2010 so we should get our hands on it then..

Inbrics press release [ translated ]

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john said...

5 row qwerty keyboard ... looks like a nice big screen. Nice fast CPU (for an ARM)... looks promising.

If only they'd release it as a phone :-)

Josef said...

5 row keyboard is good, i like that, slim device and very slim display. looking forward to see your hands on at ces

Anonymous said...

With all the PR,mock-ups,spezial effects and photoshop going on they are not even sure about if it will have 4 or 5 row keyboard,lol.

Typical fail product.

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