Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lenovo Snapdragon smartbook has "Custom Linux"

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3G and LTE sounds cool with smartbooks but yet another custom Linux?

I have used Android on a smaller device and I think it could work on little bit bigger ones too, if made right ( not like Archos ) but a yet another special build? .. no thanks.

That blurry cam picture shows it's size looking about the same as normal netbook ( 10 inch screen maybe ) but with thin and rounded edges.

We should see more of it in January at CES..

Via Liliputing

and Electronista

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Anonymous said...

Look! It's a brand new FAIL!

Anonymous said...

Honestly... Linux is a good (family of) operation system(s), but there are good ones out there; Developing a new one for each device, or even for each hardware distributor, will just confuse the average customer, who wants, in the fashion of windows, the same look and feel and software amonst all devices he owns (preferably exactly windows look and feel) and anger the experienced users to due the higher likliness of software imcompabilities.

Taking, i.e. Ubuntu NBR, and contributing to general linux issues such as external monitor handling and out of the box better power management, it would make more sense for the customers. Though I guess they don't want to contribute to what would be available to their concurrents as well.

Patrick said...

I know "special feature linux" crap will be flushed right away on my machine substituted with real MATURE distro's.

Anonymous said...

winmobile 6.x on it with 1024x600 would be awesome - just remove the phone-app... and we would have an overall winner... i pay EUR 50,- more if winmobile is the winner! :>

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